23rd May 2015

My Margate FC History website is now closed. It's been a labour of love but I've no longer got the inclination to keep on running it.

Possibly somebody else might want to take it over but I'm not sure about that as - I'd hope pretty obviously - I wouldn't be prepared to just hand over 14ish years of work and research for nothing. Not too sure about what website stats mean but I can say that the site's averaged over 198,000 hits per month over the past 12 months.

I totally understand that some people will be upset about the disappearance of the site and I know who the majority of them are. So I'd really appreciate it if people could avoid contacting me to express their feelings either way - I don't really want a mass of e-mails making me feel bad for taking it offline.

Thanks for your support down the years !

Jeff Trice